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      作者:百農機械網   發布日期:2019-12-16 03:19:42


      To deal with the second-hand car pump to meet the requirements of the general public to reduce the labor intensity, in the face of the huge concrete machinery market opportunity in the countryside, many second-hand machinery pump manufacturers want to quickly occupy the market, some pump manufacturers are willing to spend a huge cost to occupy the market, resulting in the helpless situation that the market and public praise are all gone. As a manufacturer focusing on concrete mechanical equipment such as concrete delivery pump, the pump truck machinery has been stable since its establishment, taking quality and innovation as its priority, constantly changing customs, and winning the approval of the mall with outstanding reputation. Let's see what the pump truck machinery has done in the mall? Guarantee of production and quality. In the pump truck machinery factory, the technician takes the reserved part as the quality salary in the piece work salary. If there is no repair or complaint of customer quality within 30 days after the maintenance equipment leaves the factory, the quality salary will be paid in full; if there is quality repair or complaint of customer quality, the corresponding quality salary will be deducted according to the situation. This kind of management mode is not only conducive to the improvement of quality awareness of technical personnel.
      The second-hand truck pump trading mall integrates concrete transportation, mixing and pumping, with multiple functions, high construction efficiency, less manpower required, and safe and intelligent concrete machinery and equipment. Second hand car pump trading mall where to sell? At present, there are many kinds of concrete truck mounted pumps in shopping malls, and their brands are uneven. Among them, Changsha, Hunan Province, which has the most concrete truck mounted projects, enjoys a great reputation at home and abroad. During this period, the concrete on-board pump mechanical equipment of pump truck machinery is one of the special brand equipment of secondary urban and rural civil equipment, which has a good reputation in the rural market, which is inseparable from the popularity of concrete on-board pump price, the quality of concrete on-board pump and the advantages of perfect after-sales service. What are the advantages of pump truck mechanical concrete truck mounted pump? Why do so many people like it? Among them, many important parts of the pump truck mechanical concrete truck pump are imported from the world. Second hand truck pump is a kind of advanced concrete pouring equipment.