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      二手混凝土泵性能簡介 首頁 > 行業資訊

      作者:百農機械網   發布日期:2019-12-17 11:44:13

      百農秉持二手混凝土設備直賣模式,沒有中間商賺差價。開創線上線下高度融合的新零售保賣服務,在讓二手混凝土設備價格透明化的同 時,將原本由中間環節層層加碼產生的差價讓渡各買賣雙方實現了“賣家多賣,買家多省”的雙贏局面。  
      百農機械網涵蓋二手混凝土設備交易、評估檢測、定價、設備金融、配件、售后保障等服務。為了保證買賣雙方優質的體驗,百農機械網 為廣大設備機主提供免費上門評估,二手混凝土設備幫買,代辦過戶等服務;對設備源進行嚴格的限制,建立專業的機械檢測師團隊,并 通過“六查三保機制”體系,確保買賣雙方利益。
      The second-hand ground pump is now found with Qingdun site (Qingdun Culture) and other ancient cultural relics, and most of the rest areas are formed by the rising sand bars in the sea in the past 2000 years. With the population moving in and the economic development of fishing, salt and farming, the system at all levels has been gradually established. [20] Haian and Rugao areas in the north of Nantong today, successive countries and regions such as Wu, Yue and Chu in the spring and autumn and Warring States period, and Ninghai and Rugao counties in the seventh year of Yixi in the Eastern Jin Dynasty (411), belong to Hailing County, which is the beginning of county construction in the north. The south of Nantong is now known as the Tonghai area. In the sixth year of Han and Yuan Dynasties (117 BC), Linhai county was established, governing 29 counties including Hailing. Today, Haian is the jurisdiction of Hailing county.
      Concrete delivery pump, also known as concrete pump, consists of pump body and delivery pipe. The second-hand ground pump is a kind of machinery that uses pressure to transport concrete along the pipeline. The concrete pump is mainly used in house building, bridge and tunnel construction. Now it is mainly divided into gate valve concrete delivery pump and S valve concrete delivery pump. Another is the pump body installed on the chassis of the car, and then equipped with retractable or flexible distribution rods, and the pump car. The company with excellent quality, appropriate price, thoughtful service, dedicated service for you! He has participated in the construction of many key projects in China and has been well received by various cooperation units. Deal with all kinds of specific requirements for users in construction by leasing in kind, and list the treatment scheme
      Bainong machinery - customer service department:
      Bainong adheres to the direct sale mode of second-hand concrete equipment, and there is no middleman to earn the difference. Create a new retail sales guarantee service with high integration of online and offline, while making the price of second-hand concrete equipment transparent, transfer the price difference originally generated by the middle link layer by layer to each buyer and seller to achieve a win-win situation of "more sellers and more buyers".
      Bainong machinery network covers second-hand concrete equipment trading, evaluation and testing, pricing, equipment finance, accessories, after-sales support and other services. In order to ensure the high-quality experience of both the buyer and the seller, Bainong machinery network provides free door-to-door evaluation, second-hand concrete equipment purchase, agent transfer and other services for the majority of equipment owners; strictly limits the equipment source, establishes a professional team of mechanical inspectors, and ensures the interests of both the buyer and the seller through the "six checks and Three Guarantees" system.